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          Equine Feeding Directions

          Use Serve
          For riding / training at home 1 shot (25ml) prior to riding
          For calmness in transit 1 shot (25ml) immediately prior to loading. An additional shot (25ml) should be given for long journeys during transit  
          For calmness / concentration whilst competing / away from home 1 shot (25ml) prior to riding / activity
          For calmness when horse/pony is away for breeding 1 shot (25ml) prior to activity 
          For improved recovery after exercise 1 shot (25ml) after exercise

          Administer orally by squirting directly at the back of the horse’s mouth. There is no build up required, simply use it before an effect is desired.

          For maximum absorption, restrict horse’s food and water for a minimum of 30 minutes after administration.

          Ingredient: Equine Oxyshot® contains: Deionised water, bio-available oxygen (CSO2™) and Atlantic sea salt.

          Equine Oxyshot®contains NO banned substances.


          Equine Oxyshot® is more effective when only a minimal amount of hard feed is in the horse’s stomach.

          Therefore following administration, restrict horse’s food and water for a minimum of 30 minutes.

          Equine OxyShot® will remain effective for up to 2–3 hours

          Equine Oxyshot® is for animal use only. 



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