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          Factory 1-3 / 61 Rushdale Street Knoxfield Vic 3180 Australia

          Ph: +61 (0)3 9763 3988  Fax: +61 (0)3 9763 3977

          Reach for Life Pty Ltd established in 1996, are  manufacturers of nutritional health products from its premises located  in Knoxfield Victoria  Australia . We are marketing the products through a network of Australian and Overseas based Distributors.


          The Company’s two principals, own the the proprietary  technology applied in the formulation and manufacturing of the Reach for Life range of products. In addition to its proprietary product range, RFL sources procures and manufactures  a number of additional product formulations of outstanding quality from USA and Europe.  

          Major customers of the Company's products are: Holistic & Medical Practitioners, Hospitals, Naturopaths, Health Food Shops, Network Marketing Organisations and the Sports Market. 

          Key Staff:

          Mr. Martin Roschach SMW ..Managing CEO

          Mr. Lloyd H. McMahon LL B  - Legal

          Mr Terry O'Shannessy - Sales

          Natural Vitality Aust. Australian National Distributors & Export Sales Agents

          Glen Gillard  Dip. NT (gov.accred), C.E.C.H., Ird., M.C.M.A

          Ebba@nva.com.au or phone 1800 247 322 , intl. +61 433 155 358

          Adam McMahon BSc (Hons)- Science & Q.A. Officer

          John McNabb - Accountant



          Dr. Christine Vesselinova Jenkins MD Ph.D. Nikolai Clinic , 80 Harley Street London U.K.

          Associate Professor of Infectious Disease and Epidemiology at the University of Sofia Bulgaria

          Glen Gillard  Dip. NT (gov.accred), C.E.C.H., Ird., M.C.M.A

           The Company has a strong export base for its products  to the USA, UK, Europe, U.A.E., South Africa, Malaysia, China and Japan   

          Further information regarding the Reach For Life range of products can be obtained from from this Web Site



          Our Mission Statement  

          To  source, manufacture and distribute  Health Products made from natural substances. The Products must be of cutting edge technology and of unsurpassed quality. 

          Quality Assurance

          Products manufactured at our facilities undergo a rigorous quality assurance protocol to ensure adherence to products specifications.





          Acknowledgements: web layout and design by Julius Roschach


          Reach for Life Pty. Ltd. ذاء¦²¶سمسخد·