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          Di-Atomic O2xygen Info

          Experts say that introducing stabilized oxygen on a daily basis may do the following:  Reduce stress, improve vitality, improve memory, heighten concentration, eliminate fatigue, eliminate toxins, strengthen the immune system, dramatically boost energy levels and much more.

          Usually manufactured using a proprietary technology without the use of chemicals. Di-Atomic O2xygen should contain a minimum of 5% v/v of pure di-atomic oxygen in a base of De-Ionized Living Water and 5ppm unrefined Atlantic Sea Salt . Di-Atomic oxygen products are pH balanced, therefore safe to use undiluted directly on skin or mucous membranes. Most common uses are: Oxygen elevation in the body, as a skin conditioner using a atomizer, put on tooth brush for healthy gums through its proven disinfections action, as a energy boost and to combat various diseases and chronic fatigue, or as a water sanitizer.

          General O2xygen Information

          What you should know about Oxygen & Oxyrich by David Cuthbertrson et al
          Tell me how this works !
          DiAtomic O2xygen the mighty Vitamin "O"
          More Vit "O"
          O2Supplements #1
          O2Supplements #2
          How does DiAtomic O2xygen Compare to "Old" Technology Oxygen Supplements?
          Oxygen Quotes

          Texts & Reports

          Research on oxygen enriched water(a few drops of di-atomic o2xygen supplement in a glass of water)
          Oxygen aids wound healing
          Oxygen-nutrient mist decreases post-laser crusting.
          Oxygen Starvation
          Dr. James D. BergTechnical paper on Stabilized Oxygen with section answering the question of how acts as a free radical scavenger
          Prof. Otto Warburg


          Product Test Reports and Oxygen Therapy Info

          Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
          Oxyrich Technical Description 
          The Suntory Study
          Blood Pressure Study
          Oxygen Saturation (Oxyrich)
          Compare various Oxygen products
          Oxyrich Toxicology Study
          The Nelson Anti Bacterial Report
          Typical Di-Atomic Lab Test
          Oxyrich Studies & Test Reports

          Dr. Heinermann Studies

          Dr. Heinermann C.V.
          Heinerman oxygen therapy study (PDF) Double blind  X over study proving the oxygen increase in the blood after consumption of Vitamin O  (Oxyrich)
          Heinerman study  on  CFS    (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)  utilising the Vitamin O ( Oxyrich) product


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